Subtle Skies

and Gray Analogies





Korra and I are perfect for each other!

I noticed it’s been said already but I’m gonna say it again: before even mentioning Korra’s beauty, he first notes her strength and sense of fun. He’s not after Korra just because she’s pretty, though that certainly doesn’t hurt — he genuinely likes Korra’s personality and abilities.

Have I mentioned how much I ship Borra today? Because I ship it pretty fucking hard.

fucking bolin ladies and gentlemen

the new tamaki of the avatar verse

but not conceited and narcissistic…

holy goodness.

he is just perfection, ain’t he?


Mako: “Bolin, you alright?”
Bolin: “MAKO! I LOVE YOU!”

Reblogging this bit, because I loved the animation and the acting, especially Bolin in that last segment. His arm movement there…<3!!

The 3rd episodes definitely had some great shots and choreography, but I also love more subdued moments. Doesn’t have to be all action action.

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