Subtle Skies

and Gray Analogies

alright so before i start doing any more of the badges i need your opinions. Addie says that my classpect hexagons would look better without the outlines, so i tried it out and got these, which i must admit do look pretty cool.

So, for all future ones i make, do you think i should stick to the lined one, or this lineless one?

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  2. missolivialouise answered: I think they both look really cool! With the outlines they have sort of a stainedglass window effect, and without they have a modern art feel
  3. hiromalo answered: I think lineless is pretty darn neato.
  4. imacookiestealer answered: borderless looks nicer i think. but lines are cleaner
  5. jeran64 answered: i think it’s a bit of a toss up. either way works.
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  10. damnitxavi answered: Personally, I feel that the aspect colors are so similar that they blend a little too much .So the line gives it a good definition.
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